Register your Local Scene

Fill the following form out to create a WYA resource page for your scene and/or manage an area. It's quick, free, and useful to players in your area.

Simple, Intuitive Event Listings
A listing of local events, properly laid out by day, week, month. Events will intelligently show up based on how far away they are and how big their exposure radius is.
Player Locator
A list of players in the area, along with tag, level, and main character. Good for newer players in the scene to find someone to play with.

Automated Twitch/YouTube Status
Your page will automatically update when the associated Twitch channel is live. Recent VODs will also be automatically added for easy accessibility.
Numerical Power Rankings
Power ranking software designed from the ground up for Melee. Import from Challonge/, Seeding, H2H data, Set deactivating, Player Reassociating, and more.
Local Scene Registration